Unilag postgraduate past questions & answers are available in hard copy(paper) to be picked up in Unilag.

listed below are the available courses.

If your own course is not listed, please call the first of the two numbers at the end of this post to know how you can get it.

>All Departments Under Masters Of Science And Technology Education ( All Courses)

>All Departments Under Masters Of Arts & Social Science Education(All Courses) 

>MSc Educational Administration & Planning

>Postgraduate Diploma In Education(PGDE)  

>MSc Human Kinetic Education

>MSc Biochemistry

>Masters Of Public Health (MPH)

>MSc Medical Microbiology

>MSc Cell Biology & Genetics

>PGD Cell Biology & Genetics

>MSc Environmental Biology

>Pgd Computer Sciences 

>Masters of Information technology(MIT)

>MSc Mathematics

>MSc Statistics

>Masters In International Law & Diplomacy(MILD)

>MSc Sociology

>M.A History & Strategic Studies 

>M.A English Language

>M.A English Literature

>Masters in Diplomacy & Strategic studies

>MSc Estate Management 

>Masters In Facility Management 

>MSc Accounting

>PGD Accounting

>MSc Psychology(All option)

>Masters Of Law (L.L.M)

>Masters Of Business Administration(MBA)

>Masters of Risk Management and insurance

>MSc Economics

>PGD Economics

>MSc Chemistry

>Masters In Public Admin(MPA)

>Masters Public & International Affairs(MPIA)

>MSc Chemical Engineering

>Master of Process Engineering(MPE)

>MSc Electrical electronics Engineering

>MSc Surveying and Geoinformatic

>MSc Geography(all options under geography)

>MSc Environmental toxicology and pollution management

To Order for any of the hard copy listed above call (text if line busy or not reachable and we will get back to you ASAP) 07046400296 or WhatsApp us on 07063617789.

We are seriously working hard to make sure we make them available in soft copy because we know many of you might not be able to come all the way to Unilag due to busy schedules.

You can also call the first number if you need to confirm anything or questions.

And always look forwards for more updates from us.



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