Ali Baba talks about the lack of maintenance culture in Nigeria

Ali Baba spoke the truth in this post he wrote on his IG account about the maintenance culture in Nigeria. Please read.
One thing that will continue to cost us money in Nigeria is the absence of MAINTENANCE CULTURE. We do not have the habit of building for the future. In other words, out developments are not anticipatory. We do not build roads by factoring in that traffic will grow.
We do not build schools that take into consideration the number of students in 5, 10 or 15yrs. Our hospitals can not handle the number of patients that are wheeled in. Our sports facilities only get attention when a sporting tournament is coming our way. We can not prepare for an Olympics meet... Even with a 4 year advance notice. We know pensions will be paid, but wait until the people protest before something is done. Yet when money is budgeted for a certain project, people will sit in a living room, divert it to achieve political power. Okay... Think about it, how long ago was Onitsha Bridge built? 1964-1965. By the Dumez group. The department of statistics had the number of vehicles that used Onitsha bridge in 1973 as 200 every month. And back then, vehicles were a rarity. Now you can have 600 motionless vehicles on the bridge, in one position, for as long as 2 hours. Has the government thought it urgent to build another bridge since. Interestingly, the same amount that is spent on an election or stolen in the name of prosecuting a war, can build the bridge. How long did it take Fashola to build Lekki/ IKOYI bridge? Go to London and see how they patch their roads. As soon as they see a pot hole, it's fixed. A stitch in time saves 9!!! But in Nigeria we don have a maintenance culture. We wait till it is totally bad and starts to inconvenience everybody to do something. That is what brought Calabar/UYO expressway to where people express wailing! If you care for what you have people will not know how long you have had it. Because it will be in top shape.

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