Daily Devotion


Fleeting And Feeble

JOB 14:1-13

Key Verse:

"Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not" (Job 14:1,2).
Most times, we count our life span in years and that often make us lose sight of the brevity of life. But as we look at the Scriptures, life is computed by days not by months or years. We can only be sure of a day and we live just one day at a time. As we understand this, it will help us appreciate how brief our stay on earth is and make us see why we must make the best use of each day of our life. This truth about the brevity of life is what occupied the thoughts of Job in today's reading. As he meditated on this, he saw clearly the weakness and frailty of man. He wonders what interests God in such feeble creatures as we are that He would pay attention to us. Left to himself, man is not capable of any good. His nature has been badly marred from birth by sin. He is no good at all; yet God takes notice of him. This is really humbling! If we will always look at ourselves and our lives on earth in the light of the Scriptures, it will help us to better appreciate our lives and make the best of it. That life on earth is a fleeting experience is a truth that we cannot deny. We must not be deceived to think that the number of years we have to live on earth is very long. The reason most people have regrets about their lives on earth is because they fail to appreciate this fact. The illusion that life is long makes them waste their days in idleness and useless indulgences. They only realize their folly when it is almost too late to make amends. Also, if we call to mind how weak and frail our life is; we will see that there is no reason to boast of anything. We owe all we are and have to God. For if He merely seizes our breath, we have no life left. How will you live your life today because there may not be another? Living our lives one day at a time will help us to commit our best into whatever we are doing. We will not want to play with any opportunity that may come our way. When we so live our lives, we will have no reason to regret a wasted life. So, as you step out for the day, are you adequately prepared to make the most of it? It may as well be your very last, don't waste it! 

Thought for the day: Life is but a fleeting experience.

Bible Reading in one Year: ISAIAH 51 - 55

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