Daily Devotion

A Glimpse Into Heavenly Order

-EZEKIEL 10:8-22

Key Verse:

"When they stood, these stood; and when they were lifted up, these lifted up themselves also: for the spirit of the living creature was in them" (Ezekiel 10:17).
The ceremonial march display of the armed forces could be admired for the orderliness, harmony, beauty and precision displayed in their movements. Nothing best illustrates the beauty of unity and orderliness as this. The record of the prophet Ezekiel in our text today gives us a glimpse of the heavenly hosts that carry out the services and orders of the Lord of Host. The vision gives an insight into the cherubic beings who have been assigned to carry out the judgment on Judah due to their departure from the worship of the true God. The description of these beings reveals the precision, harmony and order in their operations. It is a revelation of the order that must characterize activities in heaven. For sure, heaven must be devoid of the chaos that often characterizes our most organized societies here on earth. The reason for the orderliness of these creatures is the "spirit of the living creatures" that was with them. The Spirit's presence ensures order. God's Spirit in the church as well as in the individual Christian does not bring about disharmony, disorder and chaos. It fosters harmony and ensures unity of purpose solely directed at bringing about the glory and honour of God. Where God's Spirit is present, we cannot expect rancor, sharp and irreconcilable disagreements and all forms of backstabbing often witnessed in most congregations. There will be a replication of the order of Heaven in our churches and homes. If we are hoping to live in heaven forever, then we must begin to get ourselves acclimatized here on earth. We must allow the Spirit of God to dominate us and blend us such that all our differences are lost. Even though we may retain our individualities, we can still function in perfect harmony. This is the will of God for His church and for our homes. Heaven is a place of incomparable beauty.

Thought for the day: Harmony is beautiful to behold
Bible Reading in one Year: ISAIAH 61 - 66

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