Military Experts: Disappointed Terrorists Facing Collapse in Aleppo City

Military Experts: Disappointed Terrorists Facing Collapse in Aleppo City 
TEHRAN (FNA)- Military experts say the city of Aleppo in Northern Syria is on the verge of falling to the Syrian army as militants are under not just the full, but tightening siege of the government troops.
"The besieged terrorists in Aleppo are on the verge of complete collapse as hundreds of them are ready to leave the city on Thursday," military experts said.

Defense analysts said that the terrorists needed the ceasefire because they have been weakened under the siege and have lost many of their comrades during the fighting, adding, "And more importantly their ammunition is  running out."

The experts said the terrorists have lost many of the areas under their control in recent military operations and this has damaged their morale.

They underlined that if the present pressures continue and no serious measure is taken for their separation from Fatah al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra Front), "they will be definitely buried along with Fatah al-Sham terrorists".

It was reported earlier on Wednesday that some 900 terrorists are preparing to be evacuated from the Eastern districts of Aleppo on Thursday.

Syrian security officials said 30 buses are most likely to evacuate on Thursday around 900 terrorists, who have turned down the offer to join the peace agreement with the government but agreed to leave Aleppo.

"The militants, who have applied to leave Aleppo, will not face any problem by the security forces," Abdul Hamid Seirafi, a Syrian judiciary official, told FNA.

Russian and Syrian military forces, in a joint exercise on Wednesday, reviewed the process of evacuating terrorists from the Eastern districts of Aleppo city.

"In the presence of a large number of journalists, the Russian and Syrian military, religious and judicial officials, the Russian and Syrian soldiers reviewed and drilled A to Z of the evacuation plan in Aleppo city to relocate the militants to Idlib province," FNA correspondent from Northern Syria said.

"Terrorists are to leave Aleppo via two corridors in Castello and Bostan al-Pasha. Several buses hoisting flags of Syria and Russia will carry them to the specified locations," FNA added.

The terrorists, who want to leave Aleppo, will be accompanied by security forces up to al-Lairamoun square and will be delivered to the Red Crescent.

Those militants, who want to return to normal life, will be pardoned by the government and the rest will be relocated to Idlib.

Several government, religious, security, police and Red Crescent officials in addition to the Syrian and Russian military forces will monitor the evacuation of the terrorists from Aleppo, according to our correspondent.

Source:  Farsnews

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