Source: Public Revolt against ISIL Erupts in Iraq's Haweija

 Source: Public Revolt against ISIL Erupts in Iraq's Haweija
TEHRAN (FNA)- A security source confirmed on Monday that the Iraqi people have embarked on an upraising against ISIL terrorists and have managed to kill 13 terrorists in city of Haweija, including the suicide bombers’ officer after the defeat of ISIL terror group in Kirkuk.
The source added that the terror group has transferred 50 corpses of its militants and 40 wounded from Kirkuk into Haweija, Badr News reported.

“The uprising by the people of Haweija against the terrorist organization erupted after the terror group tried to deceit  the local people about the control over Kirkuk, which caused a popular revolt led to the killing of 13 terrorists, including a suicide bomber” the source added.

“The terror group shouts through loudspeakers demanding the people to donate blood to save its militants as locals refused to respond to the calls of the terrorist gangs”, the source further said.

ISIL gangs had suffered more than 120 casualties and dozens of their militants were arrested during the infiltration to Kirkuk last Friday and their attempt to impose control over governmental headquarters ended in complete failure.
Source: Farsnews

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