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Wholesomeness Demanded


Key Verse:

"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments:for this is the whole duty of man"(Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Evangelist Bud Chambers, a gospel song writer, scripted some lyrics, "Born to serve the Lord," showing the totality of man's business on earth. He wrote, "From the dust of the earth, my God created man, His breath made man a living soul; and God so loved the world He gave His only Son, and that is why I love him with my soul". According to him, it would amount to a waste of precious life to abandon the very essence of our living here on earth. He believes disobedience to the will of God will attract eternal punishment. In this concluding part of the book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon reminds everyone that the purpose of our creation is to fear God by doing His will. He also reminds us that every work of man would be judged. Although man may invent other purposes for his existence here on earth, one incontrovertible fact is that any invention of man cannot distort the purpose of God. In the Garden of Eden, God made man a living being to praise Him, day in day out. But when man sinned, that purpose of his creation was distorted. Through the first Adam, sin reigned in us; but we are made alive by the second Adam, Jesus Christ. It was the first coming of Christ that brought man back to that initial purpose. The frontiers of God's grace are available to those who are desirous of knowing His divine purpose for their lives. Many people live as though they have no purpose in life. It is only lower animals that death terminates their existence eternally. As for man, at death, he begins another journey either in heaven or hell. That's why the way we live our lives today matters a lot. The Lord will bring all our works to judgment as our text truly reveals. It is instructive today that you abide in sobriety and discover God's purpose for your life.

Thought for the day: We live our lives as a tale that is told
Daily Devotion
Bible Reading in one Year: JEREMIAH 28 - 30

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