Clinton grabs 7 states and DC, Trump gets 6, Florida still tight

 MOSCOW, November 9. /TASS/. CNN has painted 7 more states blue, projecting a victory for Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton: District of Columbia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Massachussets and even Illinois.

Trump secures Tennessee, Mississippi, Oklahoma.

When the first votes counted in the first states, projections are widely made Donald Trump will grab traditionally Republican states of West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana, while Hillary Clinton will emerge victorious in Vermont.

Kentucky and Indiana were the first in line to be painted ‘red’ (Republican), with Trump gaining a secure victory there to rake in the combined 19 electoral votes. More than 30% of the votes have been counted.

CNN has called West Virginia for Trump, with its 5 electoral votes going to Trump’s 59% of the votes (5% counted).

Vermont shows 55.7% in favor of Hillary Clinton, a 14 point lead over Trump, which made CNN call it a victory for the Democratic candidate.

A key and tight race is still under way in Florida, with 49.7% for Hillary and 47.4% for Trump, Gary Johnson gets 2% of the votes with 73% counted. 29 electoral votes are up for grabs in one of the largest ‘battlefields’ in the US election race.

And Trump is showing an early lead in Georgia (16 electoral votes), raking in 69% in early counting.

Ohio (18 voters) sees a change of leadership after 12% counted - Clinton is in the lead with 53.2% of the votes.

North Carolina has Hillary Clinton also in the lead with 51.8%.

Source: Tass

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