Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is People Magazine's 2016 Sexiest Man Alive

Former WWE champion and one of the world’s highest-paid actors, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has been named by People Magazine as the 2016 Sexiest Man Alive. On Dwayne's thoughts when he first heard about his latest title, he said:
‘That’s awesome. What went through my mind was just how cool and exciting it is.
And then I thought, Wow, we’ve pretty much reached the pinnacle. I’m not quite too sure where we go from here. I’ve done it all, this is it.”

As for what his millions of fans find sexy about him now, Johnson has a few guesses.
“This is the kind of question that gets me into trouble. Ah, a sense of humor. And I think probably just not trying to be sexy and just being cool and confident in your movies. I think with a lot of my fans, I’ve gotten to a very, very cool place where there’s a direct line between the man they know off-screen and the man they see on-screen.”
 He’s also convinced that his grooming habits might have something to do with his sex appeal
  “It starts with the skin,” he says with a laugh. We’ve only got one face. You’ve got to take care of it. So I exfoliate.”

Though excited and humbled by the title, Johnson does expect to receive a little grief — especially from his guy friends.

    “It’s coming now, I can just imagine how it’s going to be,” he says with a laugh.

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