'Ethics Guidelines' Ignored? - WikiLeaks: Clinton Donors Received Special Treatment from State Dept

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “disregarded ethics guidelines” to raise more than $72 million for the U.S. Pavilion at the World’s Fair in Shanghai in 2010, taking money from big-name contributors who later “received favorable treatment” from her State Department and also contributed to her namesake foundation, according to a 2015 internal Clinton research document revealed Sunday by WikiLeaks.

The 10-page portion of a vetting document prepared by Clinton’s campaign to examine her vulnerabilities before seeking the Democratic nomination for president was attached to an email examining a candidate for campaign treasurer Jose Villarreal. The March 11, 2015, email was made public after Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account was hacked and the trove posted to WikiLeaks.

Villarreal, a deputy campaign manager in 1992 for Bill Clinton’s presidential run and a bundler and adviser during Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 White House bid, was appointed by Secretary of State Clinton as Commissioner General of the U.S. World’s Fair exhibition. That Shanghai Expo, however, was awash in controversy.

“When soliciting contributions, Clinton had little consideration for ethics, as the corporations who were featured in Shanghai also contributed to her foundation and received accolades from the State Department,” the document stated. Read Full Story...

The FBI is reportedly investigating The Clinton Foundation, although the depth and focus of that probe is unclear.
Source: Fox News

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