Has Hillary Clinton Filed Divorce from Bill Clinton after Presidential Election Loss?

Has Hillary Clinton Filed Divorce from Bill Clinton after Presidential Election Loss?
Hillary Clinton filed for divorce from her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in the aftermath of her election defeat seemed to be proved untrue.

This report which was first published in Christian Times Newspaper claims that last Thursday, Hillary's legal counsels filed an Action for Divorce and that a document was even cited which was then obtained by the outlet and the source.

In the speculated divorce paper, Hillary Clinton cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for her divorce filing against her husband, Bill Clinton. The divorce document would also show that Bill Clinton is the defendant in the legal filing and Hillary's signature is seen in the plaintiff section.

Well, people are aware that Clinton's marriage has been a mystery for several decades now since Bill Clinton has been the subject of having affairs even while he was still the President of the United States. And worse, rumors are rife that Bill still does it after his term.

The source even added to the Hillary and Bill Clinton divorce rumors that the couple has only a professional relationship and in fact, has not even slept in the same bed for several years already

 As far as the divorce between the former President and former secretary of state is concerned, no other media outlet has covered the story; which, at least to an extent, suggests the story may not be true. If the rumors surrounding the split were in fact genuine, it would have been unlikely the two would be spotted hiking together.

Hillary and Bill were seen hiking near Westchester, New York after the controversial presidential election. This would only show that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are still happily married and divorce is somehow far-fetched.

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