Photo: "I spent a year and half in Libyan prison" - 20-year-old Nigerian woman rescued in the Mediterranean Sea

 Loveth, a 20-year-old Nigerian woman, who was among migrants recently rescued in the Mediterranean Sea by Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) and Italian Red Cross, said she didn't have enough money to finish her studies in Nigeria so a friend sponsored her to go to Europe to conclude her education. But doesn't that sounds like a warning bell? If someone can pay thousands of dollars to send her to Europe, surely they can equally pay her school fees? Oh well, read her story after the cut....

"Since I was a child, I used to sing in the church. I come from the Urhobo tribe, and I am an expert in our traditional dancing. Singing and dancing is just what makes me feel happy. I was studying Business Management, but I did not have enough money to finish my studies. A friend of mine sponsored me to go to Europe to finish my studies. I left my daughter behind, Merit, she is only 4. I left her behind because I didn’t want to risk her life in the journey. I want her to join me once I’ll be in Europe. I first tried to cross from Libya in 2015 but the coast guard stopped our boat, and I was imprisoned. I spent a year and a half in prison. I was held for ransom. I haven’t spoken to my daughter in 9 months. Once my family paid the ransom, I tried to cross the sea again, and now here I am on this ship. Safe." 

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