Texas mom shot dead in front of her daughter while trying to sell iPhone 7

A 42-year-old realtor in Dallas, Martha Teran, who wanted to sell her daughter's iPhone 7 was shot and killed at a Medieval Times parking lot Sunday night as her horrified daughter watched.
Teran had met the buyers through an app known as OfferUp, according to a report by Fox 4 Tuesday.

A fellow realtor said Teran was new to the business and had planned to move to Louisiana to be closer to her common-law husband. Teran's daughter had been trying to sell her iPhone 7 and her mum arranged the ale of the phone.
Family members said the three suspects had wanted to meet at a different location, but the mother refused. Relatives said there was "little to no communication" before they fired shots.

Police are looking for the suspects. "It's tragic news,” realtor Tom Gilchrist told the news station. “We're all shocked.”

Source: Fox 4

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