US official who said KKK is better than Obama and hoped the First Family is hanged, resigns

The US Presidential election has revealed a deeply divided America and long held prejudices. A Tennessee corrections official lost his job Wednesday after he made several inflammatory Facebook posts about President Barack Obama and his family.
In one of the posts, David Barber, who had worked for the  corrections for Shelby County for 17 years and had been the Deputy Director of the county for 2 years wrote: "the KKK is more American than the illegal president" (President Obama) and another where he hoped "the First Family was hanged."
TAnother said:
"If TRUMP wins and obummer cannot start martial law, he will run to his new mansion in thaArab world to hide. Hopefully the Muslims will eliminate him and mooshelle as queers."
There were several others.
In one, he posted an item about the President and the First Lady and wrote, "Arrest convict hang and confiscate all assets.
Yet another one said, "I am concerned that media using mixed race couple's in ads as normal is one way liberal's are trying to eliminate the white race."

Shelby County Commission Chairman Melvin Burgess, responding to the KKK post, called it "completely unacceptable."
"We must put an end to the racist rhetoric in this country and come together. It was not alright and was unacceptable for Barber to make racist statements supporting the Ku Klux Klan."Burgess said.
Mayor Mark Luttrell told told CNN affIlate WREG that because the posts were on Barber's private Facebook page, they didn't appear to violate county policy because they didn't have any policy on social media. However, the county is now looking into creating a social media policy.
"Anyone in a leadership position at Shelby County Government is held at a high standard of behavior, both on and off the job," Luttrell said.
On Wednesday, Barber offered his resignation to the mayor.
"I sincerely regret that I was the scandal we were so happy to have avoided for so long. Please know that I meant no ill and hope to restore your confidence in me in the future." part of his letter read.

Source: CNN

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