Woman forced to drag sick husband on hospital ramp after she was allegedly denied a stretcher (Photos&Video)

A footage has emerged which shows a woman pulling her sick husband on a hospital ramp at Government Regional Hospital in Guntakal, Anantapuramu district, India, after staff allegedly denied stretcher to carry him.

The alleged incident which took place on Friday morning has caused outrage in the media.

Local media reports claimed the hospital staff "denied" either a wheelchair or a stretcher to move the sick man to the first floor, forcing the helpless woman identified as Srivani to drag her husband all the way on the ramp to the emergency ward.

Inquiry conducted by Anantapuramu District Collector Kona Sasidhar, revealed a different story. According to them,  one Srinivasachari was brought to the hospital after he complained of abdominal pain. He was apparently having a wound on his left foot and was drunk when his wife Srivani brought him to the hospital.

 Srinivasachari was working as a security guard in Hyderabad, and had returned home a few days ago, after falling ill and complaining of stomach pain.

As many other old patients were waiting in the out patient wing, the on-duty doctor asked the couple to sit in a chair in the corridor. Suddenly, the couple started quarrelling and the woman started pulling him away from the crowd, the probe revealed.

As he began to falter, she started dragging him on the ramp and some passersby caught the scene on their mobile phones and someone eventually posted it on Facebook. It was promptly picked up by television channel.

Anantapuramu District Coordinator of Hospital Services (DCHS) N Ramesh Nath also submitted an inquiry report to the Chief Minister's Office after obtaining written explanation from the on-duty doctor Nagesh C A S, head nurse and other staff.

The woman allegedly gave it in writing that she was only trying to catch hold of her husband who was tripping on the ramp. "Someone came and took those pictures," she said in a statement given to the DCHS

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Source: Khaleej Times

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