Donald Trump needs to 'Appreciate' the Intelligence community - CIA Director John Brennan

Current CIA Director John Brennan has implored President-elect Donald Trump to put his confidence in the intelligence community and develop an "appreciation" for the effect his words could have on national security.
It's no news that Donald Trump is not a fan of the media as he calls them 'dishonest', he doesn't quite trust the US Intelligence agencies either because of the leak on the dossier that he accused the CIA of releasing to the media.

The CIA chief defended his agency and said in a Sunday interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace that the CIA was not trying to harm the incoming president or his team.

"There is no interest in undermining the President-elect and the team coming in. It's our responsibility to make sure they understand exactly the dangers that are out there," Brennan said.
Trump has slammed the intelligence community repeatedly over the past few weeks in response to what he said was unfair coverage caused by leaked information from intelligence officials.

The Intelligence agency had summoned Trump and informed him that the Russians said they had incriminating information about him in regards to prostitutes and desecrating the hotel which Pres Obama had stayed in before him, allegations which later turned out to be false. Trump was upset that the false news report which he only had with the CIA was leaked.

Trump said it was a disgrace that the intelligence committee would do that and compared the CIA to Nazi Germany.

However, Brennan bristled at Trump's public displays of contempt for the intelligence community and said Trump needed to understand his words could undermine national security.
"If he doesn't have confidence in the intelligence community, what signal does that send to our partners and allies, as well as our adversaries? I don't think he has a full appreciation of Russian capabilities, Russia's intentions," Brennan said.
"Now that he's going to have an opportunity to do something for our national security as opposed to talking and tweeting, he's going to have tremendous responsibility to make sure that U.S. and national security interests are protected," Brennan said on "Fox News Sunday,". 
"Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests," Brennan declared.
Trump, who has unleashed a series of aggressive tweets against the U.S. intelligence community and his political rivals in recent weeks, responded aggressively on Twitter several hours later.

"Was this the leaker of Fake News?" Trump tweeted Sunday evening. 


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