Mass grave dating from 1972, discovered in Burundi

The republic of Burundi has discovered a mass grave which contains bones and skulls of people in the Gasenyi locality of Mwaro central province.
The mass grave which dates back to 1972, was discovered on Wednesday, by contractors preparing the ground to build a new school.
According to Iwacu News, the people were killed in the 1972 crises, following the death of Ntare V of Burundi, the last king of Burundi, who was executed and thrown into a common grave.

Rose Habonimana, an eyewitness, who witnessed the crises, said:
‘It was in 1972 when I was a young girl studying in 5th form in primary school. The crisis began and we abandoned schools. Many people were killed and buried in this place which remained smelly for about a whole year.’
While Onésime Nzojibwami, another indigene of Gasenyi, also confirmed that the crises began when Charles Ndizeye, King Ntare V got killed. 
‘I was in 4th form in primary school in 1972 when the crisis broke out. It was the mass killing of Hutu population. People were killed and their riches stolen.’
However, the Chairman of the Association for the Remembrance and Protection of Humanity against International Crimes-AMEPCI, Aloys Batungwanayo, has called on Burundi Government to identify and punish those who committed those crimes.


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