Michael Owen under fire after poking fun at the Brazilian Ronaldo's weight

Even during his playing days, Ronaldo de Lima was not renowned for his attention to fitness. Having retired and freed himself of the rigorous physical exercises demanded of a top flight player, he has really let himself go and piled on the pounds. His ex-Madrid teammate, Michael Owen took to twitter to joke about his weight but the Brazilian didn't take too kindly to it. The three-time FIFA World Player of the Year said:

“I am shocked as to how much importance my weight garners in the world we live in. I don't know why it is so important, to be honest."
Ronaldo also revealed that he did not speak to Owen after his gag, while Roberto Carlos - another former Real great - hit out at the ex-England star.
"I don't like these type of jokes. Ronaldo is a very good friend of mine and we have to be careful. The thing about Ronaldo is not about his body, it's his heart, he has a very big heart," he added.
Twitter users have come out in fierce defence of Ronaldo while reprimanding Owen for the jibe.



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