Quebec mosque shooting: What we know, what we don't know

Police at the scene of a shooting at a Quebec City mosque Jan. 30, 2017. A shooting at a Quebec City mosque left six people dead and eight others injured Sunday.

There are more questions than answers in the hours following a terrorist attack on a Quebec City mosque late Sunday. The following is a list of what we know and don’t know as of 9:40 a.m. Monday.

What we know:

• Two men are in police custody after masked gunmen entered a mosque on Sainte-Foy St. and opened fire during evening prayers around 7:45 p.m. Sunday.
• One was arrested near the mosque and the other was captured on the bridge to Île-d’Orléans — about 20 kilometres east. Both were in police custody within an hour of the attack, according to police.
• The victims range in age from 39 to 60.
• Police say the suspects are in their late 20s, early 30s and do not have a criminal record.
• Six people are dead and five remain in critical condition. Of the five in critical condition, three are between life and death, according to a spokesperson for Centre Hospitalier Universite Laval.
• Thirty-nine others survived the attack, according to the Sûreté du Québec.
• The RCMP considers the killings a terrorist act — which they define as something triggered by “religious or political” motivations and meant to “spread fear among the larger public.” Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said the shooting is considered a terrorist attack because, “It was an act of murder against a specific community.”
• There’s no evidence to suggest the suspects worked with a larger terrorist organization, according to an inspector with the Sûreté du Québec.
• Quebec City police worked with the RCMP, SQ and Montreal police to secure the area and gather intelligence after the attack. The province’s anti-terrorism unit is working on the investigation.
• The second suspect reportedly called 911, spoke about the shooting and offered to surrender to police near the Île-d’Orléans bridge.
• Police have increased security around mosques across the province.

What we don’t know:

• The identity of the alleged shooters. A representative from Université Laval would not confirm reports that the suspects are students at the school. A number of media outlets are reporting that one of the suspects is a Quebecer and another a Quebecer of Moroccan descent. But police haven’t confirmed this.
• The identity of the victims.
• The motive behind the attack other than its designation as a terrorist attack.
• What charges will be laid against the suspects.

Source: montrealgazette

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