American Airlines pilots union blasts CEO after skipping Trump meeting

American Airlines pilots denounced the airliner’s CEO Doug Parker on Tuesday over his decision to skip a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House last week.

The Allied Pilots Association, the pilots’ union, issued a symbolic “no-confidence vote” in Parker’s ability to lead the company, Reuters reported. The union also cited lacking pay increases compared to pilots at other airlines and “questionable economic and strategic decisions” as reasons for the no-confidence vote.

Parker chose to address the carrier’ annual leadership conference in Texas in lieu of meeting with the president, the airline said last week. American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller told Bloomberg that Parker had “already been in touch with the White House regarding the (scheduling) conflict.”

“Doug shares President Trump’s commitment to modernizing our nation’s infrastructure and looks forward to working with his administration to ensure all Americans have access to safe and efficient air travel.”

Dan Carey, president of the Allied Pilots Association, called Parker’s decision “disrespectful,” and left “the APA leadership and many of our pilots amazed at the lack of judgment and leadership exhibited."

The Allied Pilots Association represents 15,000 pilots at the carrier – the world’s largest airline.

Source: Fox

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