Billionaire fined and jailed in Saudi Arabia

People enter and leave Riyadh's general court October 20, 2008. (Reuters)

A Saudi court of Appeals on Tuesday approved a six-year jail term and a fine of $800,000 on a billionaire for money laundering.
A source said the Court of Appeals approved the sentence issued by the Penal Court a month ago against the billionaire who worked as an expediter.
“The man was charged with money laundering and running an illegal business. He became a billionaire in a short period due to his illegal actions. The man was also banned from travel for six years after his release,” said the source.
The source also said the Supreme Court instructed the Penal Court to fine the defendant’s brother, as he was an accomplice in the money laundering committed by the defendant.
“The Supreme Court proposed to fine the brother of the defendant with $800,000 as well. The Economic Crimes Department at the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution interrogated the 30-year-old defendant for the sudden inflation of his bank account to billions,” said the source.
The source also said the man owned several fake international businesses and had many clients deposit large sums of money in his local bank account.
“The defendant’s bank noticed the suspicious money transfer and reported to the BIPP. The defendant was arrested upon his returned from an African country,” said the source.

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