(Graphic Photos) Rare condition causes teen's skin to fall off, leaving her unable to feed or be touched

18-year-old Madisyn Yuhas suffers from a rare condition called Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, which makes it impossible for her to engage in any form of body contact or even eat food due to the risk of having her skin or mouth peel off from the slightest friction.

Madisyn spends her days in pain and is constantly alert to avoid body contact. She is mostly covered in bandages from her neck down and feeds through a tube because chewing gives her severe blisters in her mouth. The inability to feed properly has caused her to be underweight. Sadly, her condition has no cure and she has to live with it.

Doctors realized Madisyn had the condition when she was born without skin from her knee down,but at the time, it was not as aggressive as it is now. Her condition has worsened as she's aged, causing her to give up certain physical activities like her love for dancing while confining her to a wheel chair.

Madisyn's mum, Mary Yuhas, 46, speaking on the extent of her daughter's suffering said;
"Any time she brushes up against something, if she opened a door, slipped on her shoes or even moved in bed she could tear her skin. Once at school when she was standing in line, someone stepped on her foot and it ripped the whole top layer of her skin off, right down to the muscle." Bathing."

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