Lagos State begins electronic billing system

If you are in Lagos or planning to drive to Lagos. Please take note. Please be informed that the Lagos State Government via Ministry Of Transportation – Vehicle Inspection Service has commenced the usage of Electronic Billing System. 

The minimum fine for an offence is N20,000 and concessions cannot be granted as it were in the times of the manual billing system. The E- Billing System commenced today Friday, 24th February, 2017 and the Vehicle Inspection Officers(VIO) will be checking the following :

1.Vehicle licenses
 2. Road worthiness certificate
 3. Car insurance certificate
 4. Valid driver’s license
 5. Fire extinguisher
 6. Cracks on windscreens
 7. Broken head lamps etc.

It is therefore imperative to sensitize your friends and families to ensure their vehicle papers are up-to-date and kept in their vehicles. Company and commercial drivers MUST be certified by Lagos State Driving Institute at Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) yard, Oshodi. All the papers must not be forged/fake because such attract N20, 000 each.
If you are processing your driver’s license, do not drive until your data have been captured and you are provided with the Temporary License!

Source: Awijare

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