Man United Manager (Jose Mourinho) annoyed by praise of Antonio Conte’s tactics at Chelsea

Jose Mourinho has launched a dig at admirers of Antonio Conte’s tactics at Chelsea by claiming that he did not receive the same credit during his reign at Stamford Bridge.

Manchester United secured a 3-0 victory over Leicester City on Sunday but remain 14 points behind Chelsea following their win against Arsenal on Saturday.

Conte’s blend of defensive rigidity and quick counter-attacks has won many plaudits this season, but Mourinho insists he has been criticised for adopting the same approach during his time in the Premier League.

‘My team is playing very well but for many, many years in my career, especially in this country, when my teams were ruthless and phenomenal defensively, and very good in the counter attack, I listen week after week that it was not enough in spite of winning the title three times,’ said Mourinho.

Chelsea are nine points clear at the top of the Premier League after beating Arsenal
Manchester United are two points behind fourth-placed Arsenal
‘It looks like this season to be phenomenal defensively and good in counter attack is art, so it was a big change in England.

‘But my Manchester United, I don’t want to change the profile of our play, this is the way the fans want us to play, this is the way the club wants us to play.

‘But I also don’t want to be a manager of a team who plays very well, creates a lot of chances and doesn’t win matches. We need to score goals, and today we did.’

Source: MetroSport

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