Daily Topic: Is La Liga much stronger than Premier League at the present time

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Today's topic is: Is La Liga much stronger than Premier League at the present time?
Let's see the quarter-finals's participants of Champions League this year, there are three teams from La Liga (Atletico, Barcelona, Real Madrid), but only one team from Premier League. Although Sevilla was eliminated, they still dominated Europa League in last three years. 
There is no doubts that the English Premier League is successful and many people insist Premier League is the top 1 league in Europe. But their performance in Champions League couldn't make the supporters happy. 
Can we say La Liga is much stronger than Premier League now? What do you think about it? Please present your point in any aspects.

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    • Tanzania4906599 
      03-16 21:55
    • 13
    Epl is the best but the problems of in consistent uefa is how there FA plan there table there is no time for england players to rest and they are playing more game or compitition than eny other league in the world.
    • Nigeria4088595
      03-16 21:36
    • 11
    EPL has media popularity, but I think LA liga is a more stronger league with more quality players. I want to suggest d use of English is what gives the EPL the notch.
    • Pahdie
      03-16 22:39
    • 9
    Since the rebranding of the Uefa Champions League in 1992, ie 25 years ago:-

    Spanish teams took it 16 times,- Real Madrid 11 and Barcelona 5.

    Italian teams took it 12 times,- Milan 7 Inter 3 and Juventus 3

    English teams took it 12 times - Liverpool 5, Man Utd 3, Nottingham Forset 2 and Ston Bills and Chelsea 1 each.

    Germany teams took it 3 times - Bayern Munich 2 and Borrusia Dortmund 1.


    Spain(9) - Sevilla 4 times,, Real Madrid 2 times, Atletico 2 times, Valencia 1

    Italy (8) - Inter 3 times, Juventus 3 times, Napoli 1, Parma 1

    Germany (2)- Bayern Munich 1, Schalke 1

    England (1)- Chelsea 1

    Grand total

    Spain 16 + 9 = 25

    Italy 12 + 8 = 20

    England 12 + 1 = 13

    Germany 3 + 2 = 5

    These stats surely indicate the strength of English in Europe. ie. Italy and Spain dominates. But we are fed the English Premier matches all times. so we are then a lot and idolise them. And they have the most run and sponsored league.

    But on the pitch, it's Spain and Italy teams ruling Europe.
    • Liberia2388648
      03-16 21:25
    • 8
    The EPL is more stronger then Spanish league. Every game in the EPL is consider a big match. For the Spanish laliga there are big and small matches.
    • De_Dean 
      03-16 21:31
    • 7
    The BPL is the most competitive league in the world. But we've got 2 Liga giants that can dominate in any league FIFA ever dreams of creating (Barca and Real Madrid)

    I love Madrid and I respect Barcelona

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