Introducing the UEL quarter-finalists: Man Utd and Schalke are among them

The 8 teams in the UEL quarter-finals are Besiktas, Celta, Genk, Schalke, Lyon, Ajax, Anderlecht & Man United! The draw will be hosted on March 17th. Good luck to every team.

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    • Zlatan_9 
      03-17 06:51
    • 16
    United will win... Jose already said if they reach the quarterfinals, he'll take it seriously
    • Zambia3554384
      03-17 11:11
    • 12
    manu needs to win this cup,cause the dream of returning to the top fright of the EPL is no longer there so uefa Europa can make sense. We want manu to be back on track(champions league and win a premier league trophies.
    • Africa4873756
      03-17 14:50
    • 3
    I wish man united the best of luck. its not gonna be easy cos other teams too have the same mind sets
    • Ebiyoncy
      03-17 14:36
    • 3
    I'm still strong with the opinion that Manchester United will claim the Eroupa this time around, for its the ticket for champions League next season.
    • Slyman
      03-17 06:21
    • 3
    Man is d favourite in winning d EFL

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