We usually pray,

*Our Father who art in Heaven.....*
*Hallowed be thy name....*
*"Lead us not into temptation....

If temptation is not good for us, we should not lead others into it .

Some persons blamed Bathsheba,  some blamed David,  why didn't he go to war?

But come to think of it,
What about Uriah?

Yes Uriah, why would he bring his wife to an apartment whose bathroom has no roof?

Some Uriahs are parents,  when I see some ladies dressing I wonder whose child they are,  perhaps their parents didn't see them before they left home,   Some Siblings  and  some friends, they are the ones who talk you into buying those clothes that leaves your body unclad and vulnerable.

Some Facebook followers and friends bombarded your pictures with hundreds of likes and comments...... ' Sexy,  Slayer..... and all that. You kept smiling at your phone and blushing as you read their comments.... Hmmmm.

They are not helping you,  they can not take you home to their parents for blessing!

If you fall into the category of Uriah. Watch it!
Be responsible,  Put a roof on your bathroom!
So your Bathsheba can have a harmless bath.

Parents..... Don't allow the World teach your children how to dress up....don't leave your bathroom uncovered! '

It is Trendy in  America, France and wherever ' *You are not called to be an American Fashionistar*

*You are a Christian!*

You belong to the Lion Tribe!

Husbands! Please put your wives under check.  We know she is your wife,  she can wear anything because you like it that way..... But don't raise eye brow if she was treated like a prostitute.....

 Under Uriah's nose,  Bathsheba got pregnant with another man's child.
Keep a roof over your bathroom.  You have no idea if there is a man who is not at war or work strolling lazily around.

Just because a woman's sensitive parts was revealed to David.  He was destroyed!

*One would have thought Bathsheba's bath was a harmless one  but look at the consequence* :-

==>>> David  killed Uriah.

==>>> He was cursed.

==>>> Bathsheba lost her baby.

==>>> Amnon slept with Tamar.

==>>> Absalom overthrew David and slept with his father's wife's.

==>>> War in David's house!

Please,  stop tempting others in the name of fashion!

Stop showing us your breast and cleavages!
You don't have to wear a crop top for us to know you are slayer.....

If it is no big  deal,wear clothes like that of a princess not a pauper.

You cant afford it?

then *Stop wearing expensive rags in the name of fashion/* Please!

Some persons are running away from Bathsheba yet they have her pictures, wearing bikini on their phones "

Brothers, What do you have on your phones? Pictures of naked celebrities?
Pornographic Movies? On your Facebook page? Watch it!
You can not wear a long dress to beach, HABA,   must you go to beach?

Some persons are dealing with masturbation,  they are trying to come out of it,  some are walking away from fornication,  don't drag them back there!

Dear sister  Be your brother's Keeper.

Dear brother,  cover the bathroom roof!

*Resist the devil and he will flee!!!*


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