"Break The Mirror Altar" Deep message by pastor Kehinde Samuel Adegbolahan

Wednesday 24/05/17 manna water service.

Message by:
Pastor Kehinde Samuel Adegbolahan
Assistant General Overseer
MFM Worldwide 


If you know that you are always finding yourself in the dream going back to your village, or you always have sexual activities in the dream.  if you know that this is the area the enemy is disturbing you, are you been disturbed in your dream,  if you know that your dream life is not sweet please I beg you to pray this prayer with aggression and holy anger. 

I quench the rage evil night workers against my life in the name of Jesus. 
put your hands on your face to cover your eyes as I make this declaration "
I command the fire of the Lord of Elijah,  let that fire release into your nerves in the name of Jesus. 

Pray the next prayer like this:
owners of the owners of evil load in the dream carry your load in the name of Jesus. 

Any power attacking my peace of mind you are a liar, scatter in the name of Jesus.   

This next prayer is for thousands of thousands of people here and online. 

The problems in my past that is manifesting in my present, enough is enough,  expire in the name of Jesus. 

As it is written in the scriptures, the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the righteous unless the righteous has put his or her hand into iniquity.  when iniquity becomes a lifestyle then there is destiny diversion. PS.125:3

Thou rod of the wicked pointing at me,  I am not your candidate die in the name of Jesus.  

Whatever that will prosper you that has been captured and arrested by the enemies shall be released tonight in the name of Jesus. 

Message Title: Break The Mirror Altar
This topic may sound strange to many people so ensure your spirit soul and body is connected to this message. 

Is: 54:17
No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgement shall be condemned.... 

Bible was very specific with it's choice of words,  the Bible says the enemy formed it's weapon.  in Genesis God formed man out of the dust,  He looked at Himself to create man.  He was looking at Himself to form men according to His image.  The enemy will look at you and form the weapon that it will use to attack,  by studying you and your weakness in order to know the type of weapon that suits you.  Remember that the weapon formed against brother A may not work on brother B. 

Whatever weapon the enemy has formed against you tonight shall not function in the name of Jesus. 

Anything called weapon is an instrument to attack,  it is not for entertainment,  decoration or for play.  One dangerous weapon that the enemy uses to terrorize people is called the Mirror. 

Please note that not all mirror that you see are ordinary, what we say and preach at MFM are not theory but practical things that happen and still happening in our environment itbis not just an imagination. We have seen it,  our hands have handled it,  it is not theory but real practical.  We will not tell you theoretically that the battle is over once you are born again,  because Christianity on MFM is a practical lifestyle.  

Many Christians are trying to cajole people into believing that once you are born again all is well and there is no more battle,  that is a complete BIG lie,  work out your own salvation, we will tell you that a witch can waste your life if you don't know how to fight and defend yourself.  It is written that touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm,  it did not say it will not touch 

I pray for you that:
Agenda of the devil,  demons and wicked ones against your life and destiny is cancelled in the name of Jesus. 

Any dark mirror that is designed to trouble your life,  I command that mirror to catch fire in the name of Jesus.

In the ministry of deliverance you will come across the mirror of the witch, the mirror of the night,  the mirror of the dead.  Ex.  38:8, Job 37:18

When dealing with mirror altar you are dealing with a powerful weapon but thank God that the name of Jesus is more powerful than any dark mirror. 

Every mirror in the kingdom of darkness they represent certain things. This dark mirror is a place power is acquired or to destroy life's and destinies .

 I pray for you that: every dark mirror assign to torment you day and night,  I command it to run mad in the name of Jesus. 

Any power that is searching for your face in the mirror,  that power shall fall down and die in the name of Jesus. 

There are 22 activities that are connected to dark mirror.

1. Satanic programming 
2. Manipulation 
3. Monitoring 
4. Environmental Pollution 
5. Night Oppression 
6. Satanic Transformation
7. Wealth Transfer or Money Transfer
8. Stealing 
9. Evil Summoning 
10. Disappearance of physical Objects
11. Evil Voices
12. Satanic Marriage
13. Undiagnosed Sickness 
14. Stagnation
15. Star Identification 
16. Negative Mark
17. Embargo in the spirit realm
18. Plancenta Discovery
19. Evil Veil
20. Used for Collection of human flesh for eating
21. To Suck Blood
22. It is used as a Power Base or to Renew Covenant 

What is important is to break that evil mirror but if there is,  it is wise to attack,  don't being human assumption or say it doesn't concern you.  If only you can tell me who your real enemies are you don't need to break the evil mirror. 

This is a prayer session for fire,  power and thunder,  you prayer must reach your place of work,  your village and your enemies so that judgement of Fire of God can fall mightily on them. 

Praying and Warfare Session
Wherever you are begin to ask God to give you power to fight the dark mirror.

1. Mirror of darkness attached to my name,  catch fire in the name of Jesus. 

2. Every witchcraft mirror compressing my glory,  Break in the name of Jesus. 

3. Arrows of untimely death from any dark mirror go back to the sender in the name of Jesus.

4. Any power in my village searching for my face in the mirror,  you are a liar,  scatter in the name of Jesus. 

5. Anyone around me using dark mirror your time is up,  be exposed and be disgraced in the name of Jesus.  

6. I shall not obey any command from dark mirror in the name of Jesus. 

This is a prayer of shout,  the way you declare this prayer is the way the heaven will respond to you! 

Shout this 3 hot times. 
I shall not be a victim of the dark mirror in the name of Jesus. 

7. I break every dark mirror fighting against my life  in the name of Jesus. 

Pastor Kehinde Samuel Adegbolahan
Assistant General Overseer
MFM Worldwide 


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