Griezmann said is Chances of me joining Man United? 6 out of 10...

The striker was special guest on TMC programme 'Quotidien' and before answering the question, said: "I am aware of what I am saying".

Antoine Griezmann took no time in dropping the first bombshell of the summer. Just one day after the conclusion of LaLiga and Atlético's final league game at the Vicente Calderón, the France international raised a few eyebrows with his declaration on French TV channel TMC's Quotidien programme in which he was quizzed about his future.

Griezmann drops Manchester United bombshell

During a very informal chat, presenter Yann Barthés posed the big question which Griezmann answered sincerely. Before answering, Griezmann stated that he will make his decision "in the next two months".
Barthés asked: "Is there any possibility that you might join, for example, Manchester United?" - to which Griezmann replied: "It's possible, yes". In reaction to the player's brutal honesty, Barthés went on to ask the forward to gauge that possibility on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being a definite possibility. The Rojiblanco No,7 piped back: "6, 6 out of 10".

Atlético in talks to renew Griezmann's contract

Griezmann reiterated his reply some minutes later at Barthés' insistence. The player's comments come in the middle of ongoing talks between Atlético de Madrid and the player's agents over striking a new deal this summer. Atlético's intention is to improve the contract which Griezmann signed when he renewed terms with the club last year. Part of the reason Atleti are keen for the player to agree a new deal is to ward off interest from other clubs and contact with his agent which started several weeks ago.
Griezmann's brother Theo, a massive Manchester United fan, retweeted the interview along with a smiley emoticon...
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