Man Utd are the reason why Pogba is trailing behind De Bruyne and Fabregas

Without Paul Pogba, Manchester United struggle to play. Everything goes through the Frenchman whenever he is on the pitch.

The 24-year-old has created the most chances for Jose Mourinho’s side across the Premier League and Europa. He has attempted and completed more take ons than any other player, beating his opponents with speed, strength and skill, and is top for passes in the final third and through balls.
Yet despite how involved he has been in what his team do in midfield and attack, Pogba has recorded a meagre return of just four assists in the league and in Europe this season.
Despite carving out 75 goalscoring opportunities across both competitions, United’s insipid finishing has let the midfielder down, which has led to criticism of the £89 million summer signing for Juventus.
A paltry 5.45% of Pogba’s chances have been converted into goals. That’s even lower than United’s collective conversion rate of 9.31%  in the Premier League this season.
Compare that with the rate at which the chances produced by Kevin De Bruyne, the leading player for assists in the English top flight, are taken. The Belgian has set up 13 goals this season, or 14.44% of the chances he has created.
Chelsea’s inspirational super sub, Cesc Fabregas, has seen 21.43% of his chances turned into the back of the net, while an astonishing 25.71% of the chances Wilfried Zaha has come up with have resulted in goals for Crystal Palace – the best conversion rate in the competition for players who have created at least 30 chances.
How would Pogba’s assists tally for the season so far look if his teammates put away his chances at a similar rate?
If Pogba chances were converted at the rate of De Bruyne chances
De Bruyne conversion rate: 14.44%
Premier League assists for Pogba: eight (+5)
Europa League assists for Pogba: three (+2)
Assists in both competitions for Pogba: 11 (+7)
If Pogba chances were converted at the rate of Fabregas chances
Fabregas conversion rate: 21.34%
Premier League assists: 12 (+9)
Europa League assists: four (+3)
Assists in both competitions: 16 (+12)
If Pogba chances were converted at the rate of Zaha chances
Zaha conversion rate: 25.71%
Premier League assists: 14 (+11)
Europa League assists: five (+4)
Assists in both competitions: 19 (+15)
Pogba’s assists if United finished like Chelsea
Chelsea’s chance conversion: 12.81%
Premier League assists: seven (+4)
Europa League assists: three (+2)
Assists in both competitions: 10 (+6)
Pogba’s assists if United met the Premier League average
Average chance conversion in the Premier League: 9.83%
Premier League assists: five (+2)
Europa League assists: two (+1)
Assists in both competitions: seven (+3)
Paul Pogba has three assists from 55 chances created in the Premier League this season, and one assist from 20 chances created in the Europa League.
He recorded 12 assists from 54 chances for Juventus in Serie A last year, and two Champions League assists from 15 chances created.
Source: All Football

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