World leaders inaugurate international center to combat terrorism in Riyadh

Saudi King Salman, US President Donald Trump launched the international centre to combat terrorism in Riyadh. (Al Arabiya)

An international center to combat terrorism was launched at the end of the “Islamic-American Summit,” which took place during US president Donald Trump’s visit to Riyadh.
Trump also told a group of journalists on Thursday including Al Arabiya News Channel’s correspondent in Washington that the US will be encouraging the creation of NATO-style organization to combat terrorism in the Middle East.
Riyadh hosted on Saturday and Sunday three anticipated summits during Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia with nearly 50 leaders, mainly from the Muslim world will be attending.
“We want to convey a message to the West and the world that the Muslim world is not an enemy.”

Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia wants to send a message to the West that the Muslim world is “not an enemy,” adding the Riyadh comes second after the United States in the fight against ISIS.
The foreign minister said both US and Saudi agree on eliminating terror groups such as ISIS.
He added: “We are the second army after the US military in the international coalition against terrorism.” “The efforts will be an effective partnership between the Islamic world and the West in general to combat terrorism.”

Source: Al arabiya

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