"I wouldn't have gone out to parties if I had Figo's wife" Said Ronaldo.

Florentino Perez received plenty of praise from Ronaldo Nazario following Real Madrid's latest Champions League win, with the Brazilian comparing him to legendary president Santiago Bernabeu.

Ronaldo also shared some stories from his time working under Perez, including one occasion when he defended his party lifestyle.
"The best anecdote is that one day he called me and said to me, 'Ronnie, why don't you stay at home more?'" the striker revealed in an interview on 'El Hormiguero'.
"He told me to 'look at [Luis] Figo, who stays at home with his wife'.
"I looked at him and I said 'president, if I had Figo's wife, I wouldn't go out to party either'.
"He later told that story to Figo and his wife."
The World Cup winner also defended his parties by stressing that they were the best.
"People think about the whole party thing, but they don't know how good they were," he joked.
"My parties were the best, better than some of my goals."
During the interview, Ronaldo also discussed his wacky haircuts, revealing that the 2002 World Cup flick was a way of taking attention away from injury concerns.
Source: All Football

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