Today's Devotion (Friday)

Not Child Abuse

PROVERBS 23:13-25

Key Verse:

"Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell" (Proverbs 23:13,14).

It is disheartening to see how the world is making every attempt to set aside biblical principles and values that have been the bedrock of the family and the society over the years. The biblical pattern of child training and upbringing which recommends disciplining an erring child to save him from complete ruin is now being seen as child abuse. If we are to save our world from total disintegration, then we must go back and embrace the values we have neglected. One of such is the practice of disciplining the child through the use of the rod of correction. The Bible here tells us that we will be doing the child a great deal of good when we apply the rod when necessary. Correction takes foolishness from the child and saves him from future ruin. It is known that a child that is left to himself without the loving corrections of his parents is left to his own doom. As Christians living in this modern age, we must be careful that we do not allow the teachings, principles and practices of the age to make us abandon the teachings and values of the Scriptures, especially with those having to do with family life and child training. Those who see physical beating of a child as child abuse miss it completely. No Christian parent is expected to get involved in the act of abusing anybody, let alone his own children. Spanking of a child should be done mildly and in love. Its purpose should be to reform and not to deform the child. It is recommended that parents should not correct their children in anger. Be in control of your emotions when trying to discipline the child, the gravity of the offence notwithstanding. When discipline and correction are properly applied in our homes, we will have children who will grow up to become well-disciplined adults with sound moral values that will help build a very strong and sane society.

Thought for the day: Don’t spare the rod so you won’t spoil the child!

Bible Reading in one Year: JOB 5-8

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