Today's Devotion (Monday)

Spiritually Blinded?

JOB 34:18-30

Key Verse:

"For his eyes are upon the ways of man, and he seeth all his goings" (Job 34:21).

Lucie Eddie Campbell, the writer of the song, "He’ll understand and say well done", carefully scripted about Jesus Christ, thus, "Misunderstood, the Savior of sinners, Hung on the cross; He was God’s only Son; Oh! hear Him call His Father in Heav’n, "Not my will, but Thine be done." If there was anyone greatly misunderstood by the Jews of His time, it was Jesus Christ. They did not know His mission on earth; neither did they know the kingdom He was talking about that He would reign over. They felt He had come to struggle with King Herod over the rulership of Jewish kingdom at the time. They railed against Him. They really did not understand because their eyes were blinded to His mission on earth. In our text, Elihu was sincerely moved by the plight of his friend, Job, and felt he needed to tell him some truth. He spoke as a man and very carnally too. He felt Job’s misery was a result of his sins. His conclusion was that everyone who claimed to be righteous, but was suffering, was actually sinful. Although Elihu was right in his observations, he was, however, not privy to the cause of Job’s calamity. Believers must be slow to come to conclusion on issues they do not really understand. We must always ask God to reveal His mind to us, so that we would be able to apply our words in wisdom. Today, many people’s faith have been destroyed by uncharitable words against fellow brethren and by sheer manifestation of costly ignorance. Whereas, we should be channels of blessing to all people and to fellow believers. As we go about our duties today, we must totally depend on God, whose eyes are upon the ways of man and restrain our tongues from rash and hasty outbursts.

Thought for the day: Be a channel of blessing and not a channel of destruction!

Bible Reading in one Year: DANIEL 1-2

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