Today's Devotion (Saturday)

Avoid Being Defiled


Key Verse:

"But he shall not defile himself, being a chief man among his people, to profane himself" (Leviticus 21:4).

There are certain ways of life that would be considered to be out of place, inconsistent with and unbefitting for one’s call and social status. As one chooses a way of life, career or profession, he is expected to understand the ethics of such profession and be willing to abide by it. Anything done outside the norms is considered unethical and attracts some measures of penalty. The Lord, in our text, wanted the priest to understand the uniqueness of their calling and the special position they occupy before Him and the people. As a result, it is expected that their lifestyle and conduct be different from those of the generality of the people. The summary of all the instructions that the Lord gave to them is that they be holy and undefiled. The call to priesthood placed on them a high demand of consecration and devotion to the Lord which they must not break no matter what or who was involved. It also affected what they put on, did to their bodies, where they went and how they related with other people. If they were to fulfill the call of God upon them and continue to be a blessing to the people they were called to minister to, then it behoved of them to remain separate and be holy to the Lord. This is the same demand the Lord is making on all Christians today. Remember, we have been called to be special people and priests to the Lord. We are, therefore, to see to it that we walk worthy of this call. We cannot afford to live our lives and conduct our affairs like others who do not have this call upon them. It will really be below our calling to begin to dress, talk and conduct our marriages and other affairs like the people in the world do. As you step out today, don’t lose sight of who you are. Be ever conscious of the great call you have and the high position you occupy and conduct yourself accordingly. Mind your appearance, language and comportment. Always be sure they befit the spiritual status you hold. By so doing, you will remain special before the Lord and be effective in your calling as a "priest" to the people.

Thought for the day: Always be mindful of your calling. Be holy.

Bible Reading in one Year: NAHUM 1-3

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