Today's Devotion (Sunday)

Be An Intercessor

AMOS 7:1-6

Key Verse:

"And it came to pass, that when they had made an end of eating the grass of the land, then I said, O Lord GOD, forgive, I beseech thee: by whom shall Jacob arise? for he is small" (Amos 7:2).

We are often consumed by our own needs and desires that we shut our eyes to the experiences of people around us. Yet, were we to pause and ponder over their situation, we would realise that compared to them, what we consider giant problems quickly pale into insignificance. We are thus, compelled by those dire circumstances to intervene on their behalf. Such is the responsibility every believer should assume, as intercessors. The Lord had twice shown Amos a vision of the impending judgment against Israel. He showed him two images here, one, of insects and two, of fire. These were pictures of ordinary things that were familiar to the Israelites and therefore, needed very little elaboration. The message should be plain enough to the general public and easy for them to understand and assimilate. For their sinful practices, God was going to unleash a swarm of grasshoppers to consume all their vegetation, including food crops. Also, God was to light up a great inferno to consume large swathes of their territory. On each occasion, Amos intervened, pleading for forgiveness and mercy from the Lord. And quite remarkably, the Lord hearkened to his pleas, both times. Bad things happen when good people look away. This should not be the case for believers. God has clearly pronounced an eternity of suffering and doom for all sinful people. If we remain indifferent, this certain fate will befall them. But we can step in and plead for mercy from the Lord. We can also take the gospel message of God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice to them. We can plead with God to soften their hearts to receive the good news of free salvation for all and to experience a change of life. This is the greatest responsibility we have before God and to man.

Thought for the day: The silent voices of intercessors ring loudest in heaven.

Bible Reading in one Year: HABAKKUK 1-3

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