Today's Devotion (Thursday)

Rest In God

PSALM 119:121-128

Key Verse:

"Deal with thy servant according unto thy mercy, and teach me thy statutes" (Psalm 119:124).

Faron Young, a famous American singer and songwriter, who was married for over 32 years, plunged himself into alcoholism. This badly affected his life and he got separated from his wife. The court ordered him to pay her a lifetime alimony of $l,000 every month. After years of loneliness, heartache and pain coupled with prostate cancer, Young shot himself. That was where he got it wrong, forgetting to surrender his challenges to Christ. The text, the prayer of the Psalmist, exposes his frailty, weakness and helplessness. It was a heartfelt prayer from someone, who was not pretentious but was in pain and suffering. He cried out his mind to God to get involved in his situation. He knew God abhorred sin and with it, no one would have access to Him. Therefore, he maintained a righteous life. He cried for God’s grace and mercy, being sure that God was his sole hope and unfailing resource of life. He actually needed to be strengthened and so, he asked God for His deliverance. He pointed out that he was God’s servant, who obeyed Him at all times. He asked for understanding to know Him better through His Word. Sometimes, we could be in such a devastating and helpless situation, where we could cry day and night, seeking God’s deliverance and safety. We could feel vulnerable, often seized with fear that our enemies, who desire to hurt us, might have their way. When you are so hard pressed with challenges, call upon God and you will be sure your appeal to Him will not be in vain. He will be delighted when you take Him at His word. So, come directly to Him and tell Him how you wholeheartedly depend upon Him. You might be an open target of the enemies, but God is there to protect you.

Thought for the day: He who wholly focuses on God can never be trapped in the minefield of life.

Bible Reading in one Year: ESTHER 1-5

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