Today's Devotion (Thursday)

Is Your Back Turned To God?

JEREMIAH 32:26-35

Key Verse:

"And they have turned unto me the back, and not the face: though I taught them, rising up early and teaching them, yet they have not hearkened to receive instruction" (Jeremiah 32:33).

There is nothing that best demonstrates and indicates defiance, impudence, irreverence and rebellion as when a child turns his back to the parents while he is being corrected. The act indicates but one thing: that the child does not appreciate the correction of the parents and so is not willing and ready to change. When this becomes the case, such child is usually left to himself to suffer and bear the consequences of his stubborn and impudent action. Prophet Jeremiah in our text talks about the certainty of the judgment of God upon Judah because of their repeated rebellions and sins against Him. This was in spite of His repeated warnings and pleadings with them. God here assures them of His omnipotence and power to bring His predicted judgment upon them to pass. The fact that they turned their back and not their face to God shows their unwillingness to accept the rebuke of God and amend their ways. It is sad that there are many people today who still behave like the people in Jeremiah’s days. In spite of all the warnings of God and His teachings through His servants and ministers, they still choose to go their own way. The very things that God warns them against are the things they take delight in. Instead of repenting, they remain adamant in their sins and rebellion. Such people will certainly be visited with severe punishment and judgment. Where is your face turned? Do you accept the rebuke of God and go ahead to make your ways right or do you stubbornly turn your back to God in defiance and rebellion? Remember, it is futile to fight against God. Nobody does that and wins. Submit to Him this moment and let Him cuddle you in His love.

Thought for the day: Nobody resists God and wins.

Bible Reading in one Year: JOB 1-4

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