Today's Devotion (Wednesday)

Occupy Till I Come

LUKE 19:11-27

Key Verse:

"And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come" (Luke 19:13).

Saved by grace, the recipient of God’s mercy immediately plunges into God’s service as positive proof of his gratitude to the Saviour. The example of Paul the apostle after the Damascus road experience is a clear indication of this. The spiritual faculties become awakened; inspiration, enduement, and consecration come instinctively. It is strange and abnormal to find a saved soul who does not possess a servant mien and attitude. The believers’ gifting and talents are to engender an unflagging service to the Master, no more, no less. It is clear from the text that the nobleman gave opportunity (money) to all his servants without any supervision. Some excelled while others could not due to reasons best known to them. As the master came, he rewarded them based on their scale of performance. The statement "Occupy till I come" was not a suggestion to be deliberated on but a command to obey and give account to the Master as a faithful steward. All of us as pilgrims on earth are given equal opportunity (time) to be busy by winning souls for the Lord. The question is, what is top priority on your mind? The Master’s business or your personal pursuit (money, which has no eternal value)? Before you know it, the day runs out faster than anticipated. You need simple obedience to reach out to the soul next to you through any method of soul-winning. It is important to dissociate from the group that is only busy with evil speaking, tale bearing, jealousy, wickedness of the highest order etc. Note that whatever a man sows is what he will surely reap. There are blessings to all who contribute to His kingdom.

Thought for the day: Selfless labour for the Master is the midwife of temporal and eternal rewards.

Bible Reading in one Year: JOB 22-25

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