Today's Devotion(Friday)

 Ignorance Of A Man

JOB 32:1-10

Key Verse:

"So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes" (Job 32:1).

It is often said that ignorance is darker than darkness. A man speaks from limited understanding he has about himself and his environment. But God relates with us based on His unlimited understanding of the universe and the man He created. It is a known fact that the wealth of knowledge we have cannot be juxtaposed with the knowledge of God about ourselves and our neighbours. From our text, we read that Job and his friends could not be on the same page concerning his predicament. His friends supposed that it was of no use to attempt to reason any longer with a man who justified himself before God. The truth is, they failed to convince Job of any point, because they argued from false principles. It was not merely because Job was righteous in his own estimate, that they ceased to answer him; it was because their arguments had no effect in convincing him and they had nothing new to say. He seemed to be obstinately bent on maintaining good opinion of himself in spite of all their reasoning while they sat down in silence. It is clear from the text that human wisdom is limited concerning spiritual issues or challenges in life as it happened to Job. The Holy Spirit plays a major role in our lives on such matters. We stand at greater advantage today as Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of God personified is living within us. Failure to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour will be ruinous. Failure to continue with Him till the end is doubly unwise. A discerning disciple must be ready to allow God to guide and lead him through this wilderness of life as we cannot see beyond what our facilities provide.

Thought for the day: One with God in challenges of life guarantees success. 
Bible Reading in one Year: JOB 31-34

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