A Zimbabwean Pastor forces abortion on member, after impregnating her

A Rhema Ministries pastor in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe is currently enmeshed in an adultery scandal with his lover after he allegedly impregnated and forced her to terminate it.
According to H-Metro, Pastor Jonah Marecha is reported to have impregnated one Hannah, a member of his church who he promised to marry but later asked her to terminate the six-weeks old pregnancy.
Pastor Marecha was said to have secretly met a gynaecologist identified as Ashton Goredema and paid him the sum of $30 as a fee for inquiries concerning the pregnancy termination. 

Speaking to H-Metro, Hannah said the overall leader of the church, Prophet Tinashe Mugonda, threatened to kill her if she dared to expose Marecha. 
“I was threatened with either death or poverty if I was not to comply with Jonah’s orders to abort the pregnancy. Jonah referred me to doctor Goredema at Chinhoyi Hospital and I questioned why he wanted to do such an evil act and he told me he had already paid for the procedure.'
'I have my WhatsApp and audio conversation with the doctor and that of prophet Mugonda, who is always threatening me for exposing their evil acts in the church.' 
'Prophet Mugonda is now saying Rhema is an interdenominational group not a church and Jonah is not one of his pastors after I threatened to expose his secrets that included dating church members along with his junior pastors. My health was affected following the abortion and I’m facing complications.'
The accused pastor refused to comment on the allegation but H-Metro claims they have a WhatsApp conversation between Jonah and Hannah. 

Confirming the allegations, Prophet Mugonda, the head pastor of the church said the issue was brought before him but described the accused pastor as only a member of the church as well as Hannah.
“This issue was brought to my attention, but I could not handle it to its fullest since we only met the two at interdenominational prayer meetings only. As for Jonah and Hannah visiting the doctor for abortion that I am aware of, Jonah is only a church member and not a pastor as what Hannah wants people to believe. The issue is being handled at family level as far as I know.”  said Prophet Mugonda. 

As for Dr. Goredema who was accused of facilitating the abortion, he denied his involvement saying:
“I am a gynecologist, but I never facilitated Hannah’s abortion, I do not know her and neither do I know Jonah whom is said to have paid me,” said Dr. Goredema. 
“I only handle issues that come through the hospital, not the back door,” he added. 

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