Today's Devotion (Saturday)

He Hears!!!

PSALM 116:1-6

Key Verse:

"I love the LORD, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications" (Psalm 116:1).

A popular children story named "The giving tree" speaks of the life of an apple tree and a boy with the uncanny capacity to communicate with each other. In the story, the boy only came to the giving tree always because of what he could get at any stage of his life and after which he would leave the tree to itself. The tree gave her apples, branches and trunk until she had nothing to give. And lastly the boy, now old; came once more to the tree because he had need of some place to rest and the giving tree still gave her stump to him, because that was all she had left. Many so called Christians today love the Lord because of what He has done or what He is doing or what they can get from Him. This is further made worse when supposed gospel preachers tell their followers that God is a goody-goody kind of giving tree. Like the boy in the tree story, some people love the Lord and come to Him as long as He is hearing their prayers. What if the Lord delays answers? The point God wants us to learn from this is that our love must be unconditional. He wants us to love Him for who He is, because He loved us that same way too. Many people find it hard to comprehend God’s love story, partly because they see His love from their point of view and not His. God’s love through Christ, is conveyed to us without limitations. If you can search and find a reason you love God other than the fact that He loves you and have saved you, then your love may not be a perfect one. Remember how Satan accused Job thinking that Job’s love for God was because of the blessings and hedges God built around him. But he found out otherwise. Be sure that your love will always be tested to see what sort it is. We must grow in our walk with God to the point that we find every reason to love and appreciate Him for who He is.

Thought for the day: The measure of true love is in its commitment with no strings attached.

Bible Reading in one Year: EPHESIANS 1-3

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