Today's Devotion (Sunday)

Greatness of God

JOB 25:1-6

Key Verse:

"Dominion and fear are with him, he maketh peace in his high places" (Job 25:2).

One of America’s theologians, while commenting on the holiness of God, said "When we understand the character of God, when we grasp something of His holiness, then we begin to understand the radical character of our sin and hopelessness. Helpless sinners can survive only by God’s mercy. Our strength is futile in itself; we are spiritually impotent without the assistance of a merciful God." From the text, Bildad aptly pointed out the infinite distance between God and man, though most of his views were also Job’s opinions about God. Man’s righteousness, at the best, according to him, is nothing in comparison with God’s. From this perception, we must be purged of all filthiness to secure outstanding relationship with God. The text obviously revealed some salient issues. First, unlike Bildad’s previous posture of differing views from Job’s, he surprisingly, this time, spoke no more on issues that put both of them at variance. Unfortunately today, some Christians love to play antagonistic roles, love to differ from others, just for the sake of being different and not for spiritual reasons. Some brethren even employ tribal sentiments, gossip and backbiting to tear apart godly relationships among brethren. Another salient lesson from Bildad’s speech is that he spoke so well on the matters which he absolutely agreed with Job. As couples, why not speak the word of love to your spouse? Why not talk about Christ and His work of grace? Why not appreciate your wife or husband with all sincerity of love and kindness? Must you make your family a bedrock of crises? As brethren, must you criticise every brother or sister in your local church? If we would all get our hearts filled with reverential thoughts of God and humble thoughts of ourselves, we will appreciate our spouse and brethren. May God help us to live right.

Thought for the day: True appreciation of God’s greatness begins with genuine repentance.

Bible Reading in one Year: GENESIS 4-6

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