Today's Devotion (Tuesday)

Reward For Service

NUMBERS 18:8-19

Key Verse:

"This shall be thine of the most holy things, reserved from the fire: every oblation of theirs, every meat offering of theirs, and every sin offering of theirs, and every trespass offering of theirs, which they shall render unto me, shall be most holy for

Martin Luther said "If we consider the greatness and the glory of the life we shall have when we have risen from the dead, it would not be difficult at all for us to bear the concerns of this world. If I believe the Word, I shall on the last day, after the sentence has been pronounced, not only gladly have suffered ordinary temptations, insults, and imprisonment, but I shall also say, O, that I did not throw myself under the feet of all the godless for the sake of the great glory which I now see revealed and which has come to me through the merit of Christ!" God commanded the Israelites to bring their tithes and offerings to the tabernacle. These tithes and offerings were for the consumption of the priests. However, in this passage, God instructed the priests to give part of whatever they received back to the temple for the use of the High Priest. God wanted the priests themselves to give out of what they had been given. God took all these steps to ensure that adequate provision was made for the care and sustenance of the priesthood in general and the High Priest in particular. The principle of giving in Bible days is still applicable today. You are to give your best to the Lord and for His work. The leadership of the church must also give of what has been given for the development of the work of the Lord. God blessed you so that you may be able to give for the furtherance of His work and the care of His Body. The local church too must give for ministry. Just like the priesthood in the Old Testament, it is through our faithful giving that the mission work is sustained and physical developments come to our churches. This is part of God’s plan to reward His servants. The beauty of it all is that on the final payday, the Lord will give rewards to all His children who obeyed His instructions to give. And God’s rewards will be far better in comparison to the little seeds you are sowing today.

Thought for the day: Givers will not lack in time and eternity.

Bible Reading in one Year: JEREMIAH 31-32

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