Today's Devotion (Wednesday)

Needless and Ungodly Precaution

1 SAMUEL 21:10-15

Key Verse:

"And he changed his behaviour before them, and feigned himself mad in their hands, and scrabbled on the doors of the gate, and let his spittle fall down upon his beard" (1 Samuel 21:13).

Alongside the stirring biblical accounts of the exploits of great men and women of God are the depressing narratives about how they disappointed God in crucial moments. Elijah who eliminated hundreds of Baal’s prophets and restored true worship to Israel fled at the threat of a woman. Warrior Gideon succumbed to idolatry after a brilliant military career. When it came to the turn of the mighty Psalmist of Israel, he also jettisoned the great promises of God who had said repeatedly that He would never abandon those who trust in Him. Fleeing from the murderous king Saul who wanted to kill him, David escaped for safety in Gath, a land of the Philistines, Israel’s enemy. He correctly calculated that Saul would never have expected him to go there. In Gath, before Achish, the king, He pretended to be insane in order to hide his real identity as the great conqueror of Goliath. These were nothing but needless and ungodly pranks that gave the impression that the Lord could not deliver His own when they were in a tight corner. He had forgotten that God would certainly watch over him to fulfil His word. God had also said that the Messiah would come through David’s lineage. How would this come to pass if God allowed David to be killed by the enemy? He was aware that all these had not taken place. God’s word must be fulfilled no matter the hugeness of the weapon store of man to defeat His purpose. Fear, sin and unbelief are the enemies that undermine the believer’s faith and relationship with God. The only way to defeat these foes is to focus on God’s power and promises, to live a holy life and resort to ceaseless prayer and evangelism.

Thought for the day: Faith is the currency of any transaction with God.

Bible Reading in one Year: JEREMIAH 33-35

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