Today's Devotion

Weaned from Covetousness

PSALM 119:33-40

Key Verse:

"Incline my heart unto thy testimonies, and not to covetousness" (Psalm 119:36).

There was a shipwreck some time ago when a ship struck a rock. The lifeboat sent to rescue the crew drew near the sinking ship, and all got in safely except the captain and the first mate. "Get aboard," said the captain to the mate. "Wait a minute, Captain," and he dived down the companion ladder to fetch something from the cabin. The captain saw the folly of the act, and jumped into the lifeboat, hoping that the mate would soon follow. Before he could do so, a great wave struck the vessel; she rolled over and sank, and the unfortunate man cooped up in the cabin was drowned. A few days after, divers went out to see what could be done with the vessel, and they found the corpse of the mate in the cabin. In his hand was something tightly grasped. They brought him on deck and unclasped his clenched fist. His purse fell out. They opened it. It contained-thirty-six cents! Had that man lost his life for thirty-six cents? "Ah!" you say. "What a fool!" But what are you risking your soul for? It may be either money or pleasure, but mark you, your soul is at stake. Today’s lesson opens with the psalmist desiring God to teach him His statutes with a firm promise to keep it to the end. After praying for understanding, he requested holy inclination unto God’s word, believing that would free his heart from covetousness. The prayer continued along the same pattern with a request for his eyes to be preserved from beholding vanities. It takes a converted, cleansed heart to fully depart from the sinful allurements and preoccupation of the soul. It takes a strong desire such as we find in the text for this new life to begin. The blood of the Lamb liberates the soul from damnable attachment to sin through salvation and sanctification.

Thought for the day: A coveteous heart self-destructs.

Bible Reading in one Year: LEVITICUS 21-24

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