Text: (Genesis 4:15, Ezekiel 9:4-6, Galatians 6:17)

Ministering: Dr. D. K. Olukoya

We have plenty of prayers to pray in a few minutes. Its important you strike when the iron is hot. Don't wait. Be a candidate of the presence around here now.

Prayer Points [Before Ministration]

1. Powers that hate to see me laugh, scatter in the name of Jesus.
2. Oh God, arise and give me a miracle that will make me forget my past troubles, in the name of Jesus.
3. Powers monitoring my destiny for evil, dry up in the name of Jesus.
4. (Lay your right hand upon your head and call your name loud and clear), whether the enemy likes  it or not, arise and shine in the name of Jesus.
4. Every vigil held by the enemy against you, shall scatter unto nothing (7 folds amen)
5. The re-writer of history, shall rewrite your history gloriously. (7 folds amen)

Tonight, we scratch the surface once again of a very deep matter.

From these 3 scriptures, we are going to draw some very serious implications.

1. There's something known as spiritual mark.
2. The marks are marked on the spirit man of human. You may not see them spiritually.
3. The marks are not visible to the physically eyes.
4. These marks are visible to God, angels and its demons.
5. These marks may be positive or negative.
6. These marks can be inscribed by God, devil or men.
7. These marks may go from the cradle to the grave. It can be placed from the womb, given birth with it and may die with it.
8. A person may carry more than one mark.
9. A person may carry both positive and negative marks.
10. Marks may posses positive or negative magnets.
11. A mark can be make by a person activities.
12. A mark, may attract evil arrows.
13. Spiritual marks are sometimes on the forehand or on the hand.
14. The mark that each person bear, determines what troubles they attract.
15. The marks that each person bear, determines what trouble they repel.
16. The mark may prevent a person from destruction or immunity.
17. The marks may be an ownership mark.
18. The mark may secure your destruction. It now makes sense now, the ancient songs they taught us when we got born again. The song says, "Father, put your mark upon my body, there is danger, disaster outside".
18. The mark you carry, may brand you as a prey for eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood.

Some people have the marks that says devoir and some don't touch.

In the school of deliverance, there are 70 marks that may be found on a person. They are;

Immunity, demotion, curses, bewitchment, bad luck, susceptibility to attack, sexual attack, assassination, anti-marriage, wrong accusation, profitless hard work, vagabond, shame, embarrassment, backwardness, going about in circles, bad company, sexual perversion, confusion, suicide, witches and wizards, royalty, poverty, holy dedication, evil dedication, avenger, blood, slavery, infirmities, dead and hell, explosion, blessing, blockage, punishment, diminishing return, disloyalty, animal, vanity, regret, prison, hardship, insanity, been haunted, tragedy, cobwebs, repulsion, exploitation, defeat, rejection, blindness, fire, staleness, injury, vain, death, outcast, relentlessly, debt, bitterness, agony, recklessness, emptiness, been dormant, hopelessness, exploitation, frustration, false friends.

How do people get evil mark?

1. By decision
2. By inheritance
3. By carelessness
4. By defacing or spoiling image of God (is a strong way of getting evil mark)

>>>Leviticus 19:28 affirms God is against people from cutting their body.

God knows why he made you a black or white person. Any willful attempt to change your color is a wrong image. You instantly invite the mark of the enemy.. It's  corruption to God's image if you try to change your body. You simply concluded, God made a mistake in creating you in such image. It's an insult to God and then you invite the mark of the enemy. The safest way to be free from mark of the evil, is to stay natural as the Almighty God created you.

All rings are not rings. All chains or bangles are not what they are.

The world consisted of two people;

1. Those with the mark of God and
2. Those with the mark of the devil.

Way out

1. Surrender your life to God
2. Invoke the power in the blood of Jesus to wipe every mark that may want to disgrace you.

Prayer Points [After Ministration]

1. Marks of darkness, my head is not your candidate, clear away, in the name of Jesus.
2. Inherited evil marks, die, in the name of Jesus.
3. (Say it 7 hot times) From henceforth, let know man trouble me, for I bear in my body the mark of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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