Today's Devotion (Monday)

Hated by the World

JOHN 15:18-27

Key Verse:

"If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you" (John 15:19).

George Atley was killed while serving with the Central African Mission. There were no witnesses, but the evidence indicates that Atley was confronted by a band of hostile tribesmen. He was carrying a fully loaded, 10-chamber Winchester rifle and had to choose between shooting his attackers which negates the work of the mission in that area, or not to defend himself and be killed. When his body was later found in a stream, it was evident that he had chosen the latter. Nearby lay his rifle — all 10 chambers still loaded. He had made the supreme sacrifice, motivated by his burden for lost souls and his unswerving devotion to his Saviour. Christ, from the text, told His disciples that the world would hate them because it hated Him. The world, from His description here, is a system set to oppose Him because He testified against it. The teachings of Christ and the Bible are at variance with the long held culture and traditions of the world; and since the world is under Satan’s influence and control, it acts against Christ and His followers. The world is unreasonably unjust considering the great works that has been done in it by Christ and His followers. It is paradoxical that the more good works Christ does in the world, the more it hates Him; which lends credence to the fact that the system was built to oppose Christ. As believers, we must be ready to receive our own share of hatred by the world once we pitch our tent with Christ. The Comforter’s presence in us is an enabler in an otherwise hostile world. The Holy Spirit will give us the boldness and courage to stand for the truth anywhere we’re called upon to give reasons for our faith. Through His divine presence, the Church will always overcome in spite of dungeon, fire and sword till Christ comes.

Thought for the day: The world is a system set to oppose Christ.

Bible Reading in one Year: LEVITICUS 12-14

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