Today's Devotion (Saturday)

No Money, No Friends


Key Verse:

"Wealth maketh many friends; but the poor is separated from his neighbour" (Proverbs 19:4).

Riches can be a blessing or curse depending on how they are acquired and how they are spent. In our text, some of the verses talked about the contrasts between wisdom and folly - while wisdom and knowledge lead along the path of integrity and divine favour, foolishness generally incurs the wrath of God. A greater part of the discussion is focused on the contrast between the rich and the poor. While the rich easily makes friends through his many gifts, the poor is neglected even by his own family and neighbours. Our society values how much a person has; God values how much a person gives. When your earnings increase, do not increase your standard of living; rather, increase your standard of giving. When Jesus watched the people giving in the temple, He praised the widow who cast in just two mites – a fraction of a penny – because that was all her earnings. Though money itself is not evil, loving money leads to all kinds of evil. Our problem with money and possessions is not how much we have. When we love money, no matter how much or how little we have, it can take on a personality of its own and begin to govern our lives. Some unprincipled communities often throw away their values and eulogize rich people without taking the time to find out how they made their money. The best protection we have against the sorrows that come from loving money is to cultivate generous hearts. Look for opportunities to use the resources God has given to you (even if they do not seem to be great) for the benefit of others. Let your heart be occupied by the love of God and not the love of money.

Thought for the day: Raise your standard of giving not your standard of living when your earnings increase.

Bible Reading in one Year: NUMBERS 19-21

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