You have really got to check this out. 2017/2018 Unilag Post Utme Format Of Exam/Test

For those of you who has been asking how would the format of the Examination/Test look like. Will Unilag set questions from the core subjects relevant to your course just like the way it is in Utme or it will be only Maths, English and general paper as usual?

With apparent confirmation, I can confidently say that Unilag will set only Maths, English & General Paper for all Applicants. However, don’t make this mistake of wasting your time by studying all over again the subjects you did in jamb Utme…

Read about the number of questions that will be set each from Maths, English and general paper 
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Click 👉  2017/2018 Unilag Post Utme Registration Details.  👉  Click......also to order for past questions and answers for adequate preparation


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